About SmartPolish
SmartPolish is completely Revolutionising the Nail Industry.
Why? Because SmartPolish is exactly what it is...SMART. Your immediate benefits are that you will immediately have LESS PRODUCTS to 'buy in' to do a treatment.

No Base Coat, No Top Coat, and No Gel Cleanser required. This means LESS COST.

Another fundamental advantage gained by using SmartPolish is that it takes LESS TIME to do a treatment. LESS PRODUCTS, LESS COST, LESS TIME...

SmartPolish was trialled in the Professional environment before we ever launched at Beauty UK, but still the reaction has been even more incredible than we had ever anticipated. SmartPolish has set a new benchmark within the industry.

We wish to encourage a more competitive market that delivers a greater choice with more affordable options, to the benefit of all the people that matter...YOU.

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SmartPolish is known for itís incredible nail gel, setting the industry standard as the most cost effective, revolutionary and professional brand. The One Step Gel formula is available in over 65 fashion-forward colours.

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Try it on! Try out our GORGEOUS gel shades and see what works best for you. Click on the colour swatch below to see your manicure brought to life.